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"A man with a good book in hand can never be lonely" - Carlo Goldoni. We can not agree with this Venetian writer and playwright. The book - it is the most reliable friend and a loyal companion for life. Reading the book, we find more and more new friends, we are living in their history, we are living their emotions, filling their lives with meaning and bright colors. The human brain does not share the information coming into it on the truth and fiction. It makes no difference whether you read a book about traveling through the jungle, or went into the jungle in real life. It gives you the exact same experiences and emotions and that in either case. So it is with love. Are you in love at the moment, or are experiencing love with the hero of the book, in the body you are allocated the same endorphins - the hormones of happiness. Of course, close to the four walls, surrounded himself with books is not necessary. You will create a fictional world in this way and it will be difficult to focus in the present. But to take the book dosed as vitamins for a good mood - it is an effective recommendation. Lack of human loneliness in reading is not just that he was always with a book. By reading, you learn a lot, and can easily start a conversation with a stranger. Rid yourself of loneliness in real life.

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